Dolly McCarthy


Hello, I’m Dolly!  Thank you for visiting and viewing my work!



“Dolly brings a major market presence to our community.  Whenever I watch her anchor our local news program, or any special feature, I always have to remember that I am watching Naperville Television, and not a major network affiliate; she engenders that level of confidence and respect from her viewers.  Her skill level and professionalism definitely raises the bar.” 
                     - Ron Hume, Executive Director of NCO
"You rocked the house again! So many compliments of what a great job you did!! We can't do it without you. You’re the best." - Geri Karlin, Rally for Ryan Auction & Gala for MD
"Dolly has been featured in Glancer Magazine on many occasions for her amazing talent as an award-winning journalist, captivating
news reporter, exceptional volunteer and a wonderful mother. Dolly relates to the most influential viewer today- women. Day after day she continues to master the balance beam
of life and this shines through in all that she does." -Lindy Kleivo,
Founding Publisher, Glancer Magazine
Just wanted to take a moment to tell you how much my 90 year old father enjoys watching you on the NCTV Newscasts. Dad keeps up with all the news and is sharp as a pin but as I said, watching you is something he really enjoys. Dad made a point of telling me you have such a warm welcoming smile and seem to light up the screen. So much so that he was all signed up to switch cable providers and when he realized he would no longer be receiving NCTV he cancelled his new plan.  I just thought I would let you know the joy you bring into Naperville homes during your broadcasts! We appreciate it. 
                                                                                            - Television Viewer
“I have worked with Dolly both in a studio/editing atmosphere as well as live in the field.  As an anchor I believe she has a wonderful on-air presence.  As a reporter she is on top of her game as a storyteller, and always engages the audience well.  In a team she is always prepared to offer thought provoking ideas.” - Chris Colucci, Motion designer/Camera operator, NCTV17